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Septic Services
Septic Tank Installation, Septic Tank Repiar, Land Clearing, Sea Walls, Drainfield Repair, Tractor Work, Driveways, Dirt Hauling

Septic Installation
, Septic Service, Septic Repair

We are here for your every need from installing your new septic system to a repair for your old system. Repairs may consist of a new tank, or a new drain field, whether it is old and failing and if you are in need of repair or a modification due to an add-on. Some systems require mounds, requiring fill dirt on the top of the drain field and must be hayed and seeded in most cases. Always remember, your septic contractor must be state registered and legal in all aspects.
Septic Installation, Septic Service, Septic Repair
Services for your septic system may range from inspecting your tanks for any damage or leaks to replacing them as a problem occurs. Septic repairs can range from an add-on for a modification, need of replacement of a new tank or drain field to replacing already existing septic systems that are failing. Replacement of new pumps and aerators are also needed from time to time.

Aerobic Treatment Units are used in areas close to bodies of waters and may be used in limited space areas.

There are several of these units available and your installer must be a Certified Agent for that particular type of unit.

To name just a few of the ATU’s are as follows: Nyadec, Hydro-Action, and Norweco.

These ATU’s are approved by The Florida Department of Health.

Some of these units consist of fiberglass tanks while others are cement and usually have an aerator and/or a pump. These tanks range in different sizes and your need is determined by The Florida Department of Health when issuing your environmental permit.

Service Contract
Service contract agreements are required by the State of Florida Department of Health for all ATU homeowners. Within this contract, that is valid for a two year period, you may receive four maintenance visits, checking for several different visual and audio alarms.  Noise changes, site abnormalities, and other visual and audio problems might be observed.  Any problems the home owner might hear, see, or find may be given attention also.  The homeowner is responsible for any pump-out and parts costs during this time period. The state requires an operating permit thru their office also.  Failure to comply with their requirements may result in legal action by them.

Permit Assistance

In order to obtain a repair or new system of any type, you must first apply for an environmental permit. These permits include information such as homeowner name, legal descriptions and ownership, along with a scaled drawing of the proposed new system or repair area. Also, a soil evaluation to determine your system’s depth for better working conditions. If needed, we provide this service and have a private soil evaluator available if preferred. You will also have to have a recent pump-out report included with the application and we can assist with getting the pump-out for you and the filling out of this report.

Driveways, Land Clearing,Tractor Work, Dirt Hauling
We will gladly clear your property, build your rock driveway and haul any of your dirt needs. Sometimes the need for road base and fill dirt is needed and we provide this tractor work accordingly.
Any tractor work is provided when needed. No job too small, from stump removal to land clearing and driveways.

Sea Walls
We take pride in rock seawalls. If you need to replace rock to the existing seawall, we will provide the size you need and we will place the rocks for you.

Sea wall construction
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